Warne's prized possession

Australian 'suicide blonde' Shane Warne traversed his art of leg spin, as the maestro turns 47. He had been a trendsetter in the 90s, with his quirky deliveries.

Warne remembers the delivery that awe struck Mike Gatting and eventually turned out to be the ball of the century. However, he feels, that was not the sole turning point of his career. Perhaps, the one he bowled to Richie Richardson probably turned the things around.

“So it got to the last day, they were cruising again the West Indies. And I was sort of being written off by a lot of people saying ‘this guy’s no good, he can’t deliver’,” he said.

He added, “I then bowled a flipper, probably one of the best flippers I’ve ever bowled, to Richie Richardson just on the break again and bowled him. Not too many people in the early ‘90s had seen a flipper, a lot of these guys were just so used to fast bowling.”

“You just don’t want to embarrass yourself when you first start. But then over a period of time you want to prove that you’re good enough. From that day on, I was pretty lucky for the next 15 or so years after that I could go out and bowl what I wanted to do and there weren’t too many bad days after that,” he said.

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