Virat Kohli vs. Steve Smith - A battle for supremacy‎

Two captains, leading with example and gifted with amazing talent. They both are made up of great character and the kind of players every team envy. We are talking about Virat Kohli and Steve Smith. Players like Virat Kohli are the talent of the century. Though it is injustice to say one is better than the other one and it is always the tough call to pick anyone, specifically when both are currently enjoying the form of their life. Still if we have to, or if we must, analysing by their performances this year in Tests and ODIs is the only possible option to settle the score. We analyse on the basis of their performance in Test and ODI in the ongoing year.

Steve Smith in Tests

In the year 2017, Steve Smith played 10 test matches. In these 10 matches he has batted for 18 innings and managed to score 1127 runs so far. With Boxing Day test still to go, it is obvious that Smith will add some more runs to his tally. He has scored 5 centuries this year. He accumulated his best Test score when he scored 239 runs in the third Ashes test at Perth. He averages 70.43 this year which is way ahead than his overall average of 62.32. In Ashes alone he has scored 426 runs in 5 innings of the three tests. With 22 centuries in Test cricket, he is two ahead of Virat Kohli.

Virat Kohli in Tests

Though Virat Kohli has played same number of 10 tests matches as Steve Smith in 2017 and averages better than his Australian counterpart, he has scored less runs than Smith. Kohli has scored 1059 runs in 16 innings of 10 Tests at an average of 75.64 which is way ahead of his overall average of 53.75. Though we may argue Kohli has scored more double centuries (3) in this year alone than Steve Smith in his entire career alone (2) and has 6 double tons overall, it’s the total runs scored by the Australian, which has helped him in maintaining top spot in the ICC rankings. In the recent rankings released by the ICC on 19th December, Steve Smith is enjoying the summit with 945 points. His closest competitor is Virat Kohli who is 52 points behind with 893 points.

Steve Smith in ODIs

This is the format where Steve Smith is behind the Indian skipper. Out of the total 103 ODIs he has played, Smith has been part of 13 matches in 2017 and managed to add only 449 runs to his tally. His only century score of 108 not out was against visiting Pakistani team in January this year. He averages 44.90 this year which is slightly better than his overall average of 43.23. With only 8 centuries and 3329 runs in ODIs till date, Smith is very much behind Kohli in this format.

Virat Kohli in ODIs

Virat Kohli is the undisputed king of ODI format. Kohli has played 26 ODIs this year and scored 1460 runs which is slightly less than half of the total runs scored by Steve Smith in ODIs till date (3329). He has scored 6 centuries this year and has surpassed the record of Ricky Ponting’s 30 centuries. Only Sachin Tendulkar has more centuries than Virat Kohli in ODIs. He averages 55.74 in ODIs and in 2017 his average was mind bogglingly 76.84. So without a doubt, Virat Kohli is the undisputed winner in this format. Though the comparisons will never end as fans of both of these exceptionally talented players will try to prove their player is better. We will perhaps put this comparison and who is better debate in the box and admire the beauty of their game and the style of play both these talented athletes have brought to the pitch.

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