Top 5 players with most catches in the IPL

This year’s edition of the Indian Premier League (IPL) is just five day away now. The previous editions of the tournament have seen some pulsating matches and thrilling finishes. Many a times what sets up such finales is a moment of brilliance in the field. The oft-repeated proverb “catches win matches” rings true in such moments. Here is the list of five players who have taken the most number of catches in IPL history.

Suresh Raina – Matches 161, Catches: 86

The aggressive batsman has been known for his athleticism since he made his debut. His reflexes are still sharp even though he is not as fit as he used to be. Every season his catching and fielding are capable to form a highlights reel of their own. Anticipating the trajectory of the ball is Raina’s forte and that is why he is equally good in the slips as well as the boundary.

AB de Villiers – Matches: 129, Catches: 72

Touted as the next Jonty Rhodes of the cricket world, he surprised everyone by setting the bar quite high when he arrived at the world stage. In the IPL, his catching has been nothing short of spectacular as he has the highest catches-to-matches-ratio among players who have taken a minimum of 20 catches. He has also inspired the sides that he has played in to turn their focus towards improving their fielding standards.

Rohit Sharma – Matches: 159, Catches: 71

The Mumbai Indians skipper isn’t known as a gun fielder but he definitely possesses a safe pair of hands - a fact that is reflected in him being in the top three of this list. During the last IPL, his catch of AB de Villiers while being airborne is still fresh in fans’ memories.

Kieron Pollard – Matches: 123, Catches: 70

The big-hitting all-rounder from the West Indies might not be the fastest of runners but is gifted with a strong arm and an ability to create catches where there are none. Often fielding at the crucial long-on position during the death overs, Pollard with his great height and power not just saves a number of boundaries but also catches hits, which are set to land over the boundary ropes.

Dwayne Bravo – Matches: 106, Catches: 60

Like his compatriot, Bravo is an asset to any side with his mastery over all three departments of the game. He has managed to stay fit and athletic even after being out of the national side for quite some time now. Being an excellent catcher in the outfield he has also proven his fielding skills off his own bowling surprising many batsmen by swiftly moving and catching shots – a feat that would be improbable for most other bowlers.

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