"Oh my lord": Shane Warne gets caught in the act again

It won't be wrong to say that former Australia cricketer, Shane Warne is a ladies' man. Be it during his cricketing days or afterward, Warne's name has been linked to numerous girls.

This time, the 49 years old has been caught flirting with a much younger girl on the popular dating app, Tinder. The girl is based in London.

Shane matched with this girl on Tinder on June 6 and then began their conversations. This girl is just 24 years old.

She started the conversation by saying, "Hello, you look amazing. Are you Australian? I love the accent!'

Shane, who is a master when it comes to flirting with girls replied, 'Yes, I'm Australian! P.S. Awwww, thank you. Looks like we're close."

Warne wanted some "naughty fun" with the girl and from this point onwards, the girl stopped responding. "Hello, stranger! How are you? Hope all [is] awesome your way and you're killing it.

'I'm in need of some naughty fun - want to play?" messaged Warne.

During his cricket days, he was the official king of the off-field scandals and there are things that never change with age.

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