Muralitharan does not endorse his father’s business

The former magician is the world record holder in the history of Test match cricket with highest number of wickets to his name. He comes from a business class family but has not endorse his father’s biscuit brand till date. The most interesting part is that he is busy endorsing a rival brand, which is pretty much fine with his father, who doesn’t want his son to lose a lucrative contract.

Muralitharan’s father Sinnaswamy Muttiah has revealed this interesting story.

“My son endorses `Sunridges’ biscuits (rival) brand, so I can’t use his face to promote my biscuits,” said his father as quoted by Xtra Time.

He also thanked former Sri Lankan captain Arjuna Ranatunga for supporting for supporting his son.

I’m so thankful to Arjuna Ranatunga (the then Lankan captain) for completely supporting Murali during that phase. I never spoke to him about it.”

His father also issued a statement about the controversy involving his son when he opted to coach Australia against Sri Lanka.

“Murali supports cricket, not the country. Sri Lanka Cricket (SLC) knew Murali was coaching them and still didn’t seek his services. Otherwise, he would definitely have gone and helped our team. He has so much knowledge, and he’s someone who likes to coach and pass on his knowledge to the youngsters. Even today, he would offer his help to Lankan cricket after just one phone call.”

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