MS Dhoni is Not Captain Cool, Reveals Suresh Raina

His calmness and cool nature is one of the reasons why he is admired by everyone in cricket. Be it last over of the innings in which 7 runs have to be defended or an epic run chase, Dhoni has never shown any sign of nervousness.

However, he is not same anymore and if this edition of the Indian Premier League is taken into account, Dhoni is losing temper every now and then. From looking dejected to blasting Ravindra Jadeja or Dwayne Bravo for that matter, Mahi is finally feeling the pressure.

His teammate Suresh Raina has revealed the main reason behind MS Dhoni’s hot headed nature which has surprised everyone.

“Bowlers are informed in advance what they are supposed to do in a particular situation but there are times when they fail to execute plans properly and this when MS Dhoni loses his cool,” said Raina.

“He is investing time and energy to lead Chennai Super Kings to win. Dhoni wants hundred percent effort from everyone and when there is a miss, he feels disappointed, leading to boiling of the temper,” he added.

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