India is looking forward to play positive cricket, says Virat Kohli

Enough said and done, Virat Kohli has challenged his teammates to handle the steep bounce which is on offer in South Africa with proper technique and preparation.

Actually, he is happy to see the behavior of tracks in South Africa, something he was expecting even before he arrived in this part of the world.

The lively pitches kept both teams in the contest, India had its own moments in the first Test match but they let it go without taking advantage.

Virat has acknowledged that impeccable bowling from South Africa was crucial in deciding the outcome of the game.

He has asked his players to be mentally prepared to handle barrage of fast bowling instead of getting surprised.

“One must not get surprised by the bounce here. You have to maintain composure, when you get sudden change of bounce when you experience in South Africa. There are other pitches around the world which bounce a lot but here bounce is steep, and it can be quite steep from length also. I think those are things that you need to mentally tune yourself to get over, and adjust to, and accept that this is going to be a major part of batting in South Africa.”

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