IJPL T20 just away from interest of BCCI

Indian Junior Players League that was played in Dubai from September 19-29 has been away just from the interest of BCCI. Since the tournament was not sanctioned by the BCCI that is why Bord had already warned the players and the state associations to not participate in the tournament.

"Our attention has been drawn to the following tournaments. A) Indian Junior Players League (IJPL) B) Indian Junior Premier League. Please note that BCCI has not approved both these tournaments. You are requested to advise the registered players of your association that they should not associate with these tournaments," Choudhary had written in an email to the state associations.

"Accordingly, any matches and activities conducted by the Leagues are deemed to be Unapproved Tournaments. Any player registered with the BCCI knowingly participating, representing or associating himself/herself with IJPL and JIPL in any manner is doing so without the consent of BCCI would be doing so in violation of the BCCI Rules and Regulations," the release further stated.


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