I am not sullen, chance will come: Ashwin

India’s premier Test spinner Ravichandran Ashwin is nowadays busy in his Ranji Trophy 2017 campaign, but he is not nervous to not come back in recent selection in T-20 and ODIs pattern.

"I know one day the opportunity will come knocking on my door because I haven't done too much wrong. When I get that opportunity, I'll probably rise to the occasion," Ashwin said on Sunday (October 8).

"I'm a man of the system. Any system put in place I strive to the best of my abilities to try and match up to it," said Ashwin. "Every leader has his own vision of how to bring the team about, and this is the vision of the current leadership group. It's very important to respect it. If I was a leader, I would expect everyone else to respect it.

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