How to play Ramp Shot/Marillier Shot?

Innovation is the key to success. And cricket is no different. Batsmen have evolved with time and their bold and dynamic approach has given rise to a plethora of unorthodox shots. One of the most popular modern-day shots has to be the Ramp Shot/Marillier Shot.

It was invented by Zimbabwe’s forgotten all-rounder, Douglas Marillier in 2001 Carlton Series against Australia. In order to maneuver the leg-side field and play with bowler's mind, Marillier had pulled off this innovative shot. As a result of Marillier's movements, McGrath erred and bowled two low-full-tosses, which helped the Zimbabwean get underneath the ball and execute the shot, much to the disbelief of everyone.

It is a highly premeditated shot and is generally unleashed in the death overs to play with the field and keep the fielding captain on his toes. The creative shot is executed off the good length and full-length deliveries. It is a perfect way to get the bowler to err with his length.

Players like Brendon McCullum, Jos Buttler, and Robin Uthappa have been good exponents of this shot, especially England's Buttler, who plays it with great distinction.

But how to play this shot? Just follow the steps below:

Step-1: First things first, start from your normal batting stance. Keep your head and eyes still.

Step-2: Keep your feet nimble as you would need to move in a very quick motion and shuffle across the crease.

Step-3: As the bowler is loading up, shuffle across, get in a front-on batting stance, with your hands in front of your body.

Step-4: Hold the bat as if it's a frying pan.

Step-5: Get slightly low as you need to get underneath the ball.

Step-6: Don't move your head, keep it still, and use your bat as a ramp.

Step-7: Now, use the pace of the ball, get your foot and shoulder out of the way.

Step-8: Try to land the ball on the face of the bat and bang she goes.

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