How to crack the Ranji trophy selection?

For any aspiring cricketer in India, playing in the Ranji Trophy is the first step towards making it to the national team. While it may appear that reaching the national team is the biggest challenge, cracking the Ranji Trophy selection is by no means easy as well. Any young kid who wishes to play in the Ranji Trophy will have to be aware of the various steps involved in the selection process for India’s premiere first-class cricket tournament.

The very first step is to get oneself enrolled in a local association or good local club where at a very young age one can start learning and developing the proper cricket skills under a good coach. Here if the authorities like you as a player, they take you into their team that plays at various levels – senior being the highest and Under- 10/12 being the lowest.

Through continuous good performance at the club level, which is sponsored by associations, you might get selected in the district level cricket tournaments. Now this is the very first step towards your Ranji Trophy selection. A division consists of various districts and selection trials are held at district levels.

Once you begin playing at the district level, good performances can lead you a chance to appear for the inter-district tournaments. This is a very crucial stage because selectors and talent scouts look for promising players here. They watch all the matches closely and the ones who have performed exceptionally well get the opportunity to be drafted into the divisional side. This will now allow the selected ones to appear for the all-important inter-divisional tournaments.

Inter-divisional tournaments are considered pivotal to be selected for the Ranji Trophy. However, if any young player has performed exceptionally well at the junior level, he does stand a chance to make it directly, without having to play the inter-divisional tournaments.

The players who do play the inter-divisional tournaments, however, must do so with everything they have. Because overall performance in these tournaments are a major criteria for any selector to choose a player for the respective state teams, even though some players are selected through trials.

State association coaches then train and mold the selected players from the inter-divisional tournaments and prepare them to play in other tournaments that work as a groundwork for the Ranji Trophy. This training is very hard and only the tough and the very talented make it to the next round. One has to perform superbly well in the tournaments to standout.

If your performances are very good in these tournaments, then you can ultimately get selected to participate in the Ranji Trophy.

One must reiterate that while the steps might sound fairly straightforward on paper, it isn’t so in real. You have to perform out of your skins and hope that a lot of things go your way to hope to play the Ranji Trophy. It is a tough but enriching process. Because once you are in the Ranji Trophy, you can actually begin to dream to play for Team India if you have the skills and consistency.

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