Good news for Mumbai Indians fan, Hardik Pandya is not leaving franchise

It came as a shocker when it was reported that Hardik Pandya is unhappy at the Mumbai Indians and is planning to shift his base before the next season of the Indian Premier League.

The Royal Challengers Bangalore was picked as his next destination, considering his chemistry with Virat Kohli. It was believed that after realizing his worth and the amount money he was being paid in Mumbai, his heart thought of leaving this franchise.

However, Hardik Pandya has quashed all the rumors, stating that his loyalty is still with Mumbai Indian and there is no way he would ditch them in near future. The rising all-rounder was not kind to such stories, blasting them for spreading false rumors.

“I was disappointed when I heard this news because this is false. This team has given me everything. Why would I leave it? My life changed when I got a chance to play for MI (Mumbai Indians) and then I never looked back. I had a small failure and that’s why I learned to be even more professional. You need to understand that some things are bad. That’s how you improve in life,” stated Hardik Pandya according to News18.

He went on to state that he has learnt a lot from MS Dhoni and Virat Kohli. “I have learned from both of them, they are amazing. I take a lot of advice from Dhoni. Virat is a gem of a guy. We keep on laughing, we keep on pulling each other’s legs. We have a very strong bond,” he added.

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