Doctors issue warning, big question mark on the ongoing Test between India and Sri Lanka


The Lankan players were blasted for putting up a drama in the ongoing Test between India and Sri Lanka in Delhi. From Virat Kohli to Ravi Shastri, Fans to Former Indian Cricketers, Lankans had to bear the wrath from close quarters.

However, the doctors have decided to bat for the visiting team, calling playing cricket dangerous and troublesome for the health of players. Several players had to be given medical assistance after they reported problem. Some of them even vomited, putting further question mark on the role of BCCI and ICC.

“This match should not have taken place in the first place. It is time the ICC (International Cricket Council) comes up with a policy on pollution,” said IMA president K. K Aggarwal. “You have fast bowlers, batsmen and fielders out there exposed to these very harmful pollutants over five days at a stretch. It takes a serious toll on your health in the long run.”

Imran Khan, the former Pakistani skipper, too sounded worried after looking at what has happened in Delhi so far.