Dhawan bats against Virat and Shastri, backs Sri Lankan players


The visiting side was on receiving end when they tried to show their displeasure on degrading smog condition in Delhi. From Indian players to former cricketers, the whole line-up went against them, calling their act as drama and an overdose of complaint. However, after Mohammed Shami’s call for medical assistance, the Indian camp has finally realized that all is not well and the venue in the national capital is not suitable for match.

Shikhar Dhawan, who celebrated his birthday yesterday, has accepted that it is not easy to be out in the middle, considering smog and it’s after effects. His stance is completely opposite of what other Indian players had tried to conveyed.

“May be they are uncomfortable. May be there is less pollution in Sri Lanka. There are more beaches in Sri Lanka. It’s natural that a city surrounded by beaches won’t have pollution. As I said, I won’t hide that there is pollution in Delhi. Now if it’s there, it’s there. But still I would insist that we should do our duty – that is to play cricket.”