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“We know Dhoni bhai is there. He has the answer to every question'

Harshit Anand Updated: 4 July, 2019, 3:44 PM IST


MS Dhoni's slow batting has got him slammed by a vast section of people. But Indian cricketers are still backing the old warhorse against all the odds. Earlier, Virat Kohli and Rohit Sharma backed the way Dhoni bats in death overs. Dhoni's problems against spin have aslo been paramount and he has failed to rotate the strike in middle-overs, which dents team India's momentum.

Now, other members of the Indian team have also outlined the importance of Mahendra Singh Dhoni in the Indian team, which people on the outside chirping about him don't quite realize.

Speaking to IANS, a member of the Indian squad said, “Let’s be honest. We are not England when it comes to batting. We have a tail and when Mahi bhai walks in, more often than not, he needs to keep that in mind. He doesn’t have the freedom say a Ben Stokes has because England bat till almost number 10, we don’t. We lost two wickets in the final over against Bangladesh the moment he got out.

“As for his experience on the field, he is the man who has the answer to every question we have. If Plan A doesn’t work, he gives you B, C and D. In fact, even during the game against Bangladesh on Tuesday, did you notice him constantly guiding Rishabh Pant and telling him about the areas he should target? You cannot buy that experience in the market,” the player said.

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