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Watch - MS Dhoni shows Krunal who is the boss of IPL as he tries to Mankad him

Staff Writer Updated: 4 April, 2019, 11:34 AM IST


There is no one like MS Dhoni when it comes to alertness. The former Indian skipper has been part of several sensational stumpings during his career. Krunal Pandya, the Mumbai Indians all-rounder, tried to act cheeky during last night game against Chennai Super Kings but MS Dhoni showed him who is the real boss of the cash rich league.

Earlier, Krunal had earned a lot of praise for sparing King XI Punjab's Mayank Agarwal from Mankading him when the latter went out of the crease even before the ball was bowled.

Meanwhile, the latest incident involving Dhoni and Pandya took place in the 14th over. Krunal, who was bowling his second over, stopped suddenly before releasing the ball in order to check whether Dhoni was out of the crease or not. But the former Indian skipper was aware of Krunal's intentions and didn't leave the popping crease.

Mumbai Indians wicketkeeper Quinton de Kock had a sheepish smile on his face moments after the incident.

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Hardik Pandya: "I want to help India win the World Cup"

Staff Writer Updated: 4 April, 2019, 11:00 AM IST


Hardik Pandya was star for Mumbai Indians in the tie against Chennai Super Kings that took place at the Wankhede Stadium yesterday. The wiry all-rounder made an unbeaten 25 off 8 balls and went on to pick up 3/20. He was adjudged the Man-of-the-Match in 37 run-win of Mumbai over Chennai.

“It feels really good to help the team win and to contribute to it. It's been seven months since I played much competitive cricket. Have batted and batted and batted in the nets. I am someone who loves to have game time and I am hitting them really well at the moment. Yes, the injury happened and then the controversy too,” Hardik said after picking up his Man of the Match award in the post-match presentation.

“These seven months weren't easy and I wasn't sure of what to do. This award is special and I dedicate it to all those who stood by me during those tough times. My goal is to keep performing and hopefully, help India win the World Cup,” the all-rounder added.

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Sourav Ganguly finds himself in BIG trouble, here's how!

Staff Writer Updated: 3 April, 2019, 5:40 PM IST


Former Indian captain, Sourav Ganguly has been served a notice by BCCI’s Ombudsman, Justice D K Jain, after he received a complaint about his alleged conflict of interest. Ganguly is the President of Cricket Association of Bengal (CAB). But at present, he is also serving as the advisor to the Delhi Capitals side in the ongoing season of the IPL. Delhi have combined the experience of Ricky Ponting and Sourav Ganguly in their coaching set-up.

Delhi capitals are yet to win IPL and they are not leaving any stone unturned to clinch the title this time around. Two fans have alleged that Ganguly’s conflict of interest will create a ruckus when Shreyas Iyer-led Delhi Capitals will take on Kolkata Knight Riders at Eden Gardens.

“Yes, I have received a complaint about Ganguly. Today I have issued a notice to him seeking his views on the matter and he has one week to send a reply. Once I get his reply, we’ll see how we can proceed in the matter and if he should be summoned for a meeting or not,” DK Jain confirmed to CricketNext on Tuesday.

Notably, Sourav Ganguly had earlier defended himself saying, “There is absolutely no conflict of interest. I resigned from the IPL Governing Council earlier. I have spoken to the CoA too before committing myself to the role.”

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Alastair Cook makes a BIG STATEMENT on his Test comeback rumours  

Staff Writer Updated: 3 April, 2019, 5:03 PM IST


Ever since England's former Test opener, Alastair Cook said “never say never” line regarding his comeback plans to international cricket, there have been talks about the possibility of him making a return for the Poms, especially with English openers struggling big time in Tests. Both Keaton Jennings and Rory Burns have been far from impressive for England in the longer version of the game.

Alastair Cook, however, made it clear that he is not going to return for England. “I’ve played my last game for England. There’s always that one thing if there’s an absolute emergency or something but I’m nowhere near that mindset.

“I’ve had 12 amazing years playing for England. It’s time for the next generation of top-order players to try and make their mark. In terms of pulling on that cap and playing cricket for England, it’s sad it’s never going to happen again but I’ve had my time, said the former English captain.

Notably, Cook is England's highest run-getter in Test cricket. He retired last year against India. The southpaw reflected back on his journey and asserted, “I’ve had an amazing journey, I’ve loved it but towards the end I wasn’t the player I was and things had to move on. It was always going to come up because I’ve never said ‘no’. I was asked one question in a kind of half-jokey manner about it and it’s very hard to say ‘never’ because you just don’t know what the circumstance will be.

“But pretty much you can say ‘no’. It’s so far off my radar. It’s time for other people to go and open the batting for England, said Cook.

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Whose England Is It?

Sreelata S Yellamrazu Updated: 3 April, 2019, 4:55 PM IST


In the relatively quiet of England, the din of the Indian Premier League cannot be heard. But what is being drilled in is the effect before and after Brexit and the idea of England looking once more like a team made from bits and pieces of parts of the world.

Something unhealthy is afoot. And England are mindful of it, so much so that they are willing to poach players in order to restructure their own legacy even as they acknowledge that their team looks more like the inheritance of a colonial past and not truly representative of the concerns with the country . It would explain why while the IPL may have come as a distraction to the rest of the cricket world, England are assembling a unit not like the one they saw in their glory days of the Ashes 2005 when their team looked more international than English.

At the heart of the matter is the subject once more of England’s inability to produce consistently, large number of quality players who can represent the team at the international level. It explains why money has had such a huge say in how the England team and even domestic circuit has shaped up. With the recent poaching of Jofra Archer, a West Indian, and Duanne Olivier, a South African, once again questions are being raised about the merit of cricket at the grassroots in England and how the Brexit may perhaps help nations that cannot prevent England from picking up players they have not bred themselves.

Undoubtedly while teams and nations are looking to the ICC Cricket World Cup, even as players, many of them, have embraced the necessity and excursion of the IPL, there is a burning discussion not only within South Africa but also, across other parts of the world that have been affected by trade rights that have favoured England. Although South Africa have seen a fair amount of exodus through the Kolpak deal that seemed to have robbed them of some fascinating potential talent, that Duanne Olivier looked promising in South Africa’s national colours only to have jumped ship to possibly even represent England one day is not just a worry for South Africa’s cricket loving public but also, England who are now questioning the fabric of their own game.

There was a time when England’s success a decade ago seemed to, also, hold as a corollary the notion that this was derived success from the many foreign flavoured players or players with foreign origins that made up the team. The likes of Kevin Pietersen were more obvious. But there were others in the team, including the likes of Jonathan Trott, who made it impossible to see past the fact that not all of England’s success was home grown.

Ireland have no hopes at the World Cup simply because they will not be there. This, despite the fact that one of their former rank and file, Eoin Morgan, will be leading the English pack, not those in mint green clothes. Jofra Archer looks set to represent England and the day may not be far, given more relaxed rules of representation now, when Olivier may well turn up for England. It is not presently possible but it could be, in three years time.

This is something cricket needs to address although trade laws have been used in the realm of sport to suggest the legitimacy of such a move. But how it impacts the sporting integrity of a nation is something that should be looked at. Not entirely uncommon, but a rather worrying scenario, one that is hitting harder to home for some nations looking to either establish themselves or those that are looking for a resurgence of their own fortunes. With cricket being played competitively at a small majority, whether it can afford this kind of a trend that is more common in European club leagues and not at the national level is something that may need addressing and not just within South Africa as another ICC Cricket World Cup looms.