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‘Virat not captain material, Rohit should lead India in World Cup’: Fans react to IPL results

Staff Writer Updated: 8 April, 2019, 1:40 PM IST


Virat Kohli-led RCB lost their sixth straight match in the ongoing edition of the Indian Premier League.

After posting 149 on the board, they couldn't defend the total and lost the game by four wickets.

"We just weren't good on the given day. That's the whole story of RCB this season," said Virat Kohli.

Helpless Virat Kohli was looking down and out and despite his 41 runs off 33 balls, RCB ended up as the second best side against Delhi Capitals.

"When the mind is cluttered, you wouldn't be able to focus on the chances that come your way. Clarity of mind is very important in the game especially if you want to convert the half chances and pull the game back.

"Shreyas (Iyer) got 67, he was dropped (on four) never know, you can come back in the game at any time," he added.

"There's nothing more you can tell the team. We've asked the boys to take responsibility. It hasn't happened so far, and that's the reality," he said.

"Personally, not trying to control. After a while, it's about the skill. Key is to relax, whatever's in front of us. We want to enjoy as a team, otherwise we won't be able to play any good cricket," he added.

However, fans were not impressed with Virat Kohli's statement and demanded his sacking from the post of RCB and Indian captain.

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