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This picture of MS Dhoni spitting blood shows his dedication towards India

Harshit Anand Updated: 3 July, 2019, 4:51 PM IST


MS Dhoni's snail-paced batting can be questioned. But his absolute dedication for the country remains unquestionable and undebatable Now, his picture of spitting blood during the game against England is going viral.

Notably, he was going through pain while batting against England at Edgbaston on Sunday. Dhoni had taken a hit on his thumb twice in the game, first while wicket-keeping and then again while he was batting in the middle.

Fans on Twitter are also praising Dhoni for his dedication.

It was a match where Dhoni's slow-batting got him severely criticized. He had made 42 runs off 31 balls but most importantly, he didn't go for the big shots in the last 31 deliveries when the team needed 71 runs. He and Jadhav added 39 runs off the final 31 balls and were questioned by social media users and cricket pundits, at large.

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