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Selectors, Team India management disrespected Ambati Rayudu

CT Contributors Updated: 4 July, 2019, 2:25 PM IST


On Wednesday, India’s middle-order batsman Ambati Rayudu went on to announce his retirement from all forms of cricket. This was due to the fact that the senior cricketer was overlooked on repeated occasions for India’s World Cup 2019 squad. Rayudu, was first overlooked in the main 15-member squad as Vijay Shankar was preferred over him. He was kept on standby.

A post injury to Shikhar Dhawan and Shankar himself, Rayudu was still ignored on both occasions. Firstly, the selectors included fellow stand-by player Rishabh Pant, who came in for Dhawan. And then when Shankar was injured, Rayudu saw Mayank Agarwal come in. The latter wasn’t even in the probable list and it was pretty alarming to see Rayudu not being considered.

This showed how far he fell off the ranks in the mind of the selectors and the management. Just last year, Virat Kohli had stated that Rayudu will be backed till the World Cup. But one poor series against Australia at home saw Rayudu not only be sent off to the bench, but also get overlooked for the World Cup. It was a crushing blow. But then something major happened when Rayudu was overlooked for Mayank.

Every cricketer has a dream to feature in a World Cup. And Rayudu at 33 knew that this was his final chance. This was absolutely a low moment for an experienced batsman, who must have been gutted seeing the instances fold in a quick span of time. Rayudu deserved to be called especially when the management decided to replace Shankar with a batsman.

It shows that the selectors and the management do not know what the main team should be. They are still in experimental mode and do not know what their batting order should be. This is indeed a sad plight. India will likely face England in the semis and these moments of doubts could hurt the team.

Also, keeping someone in the loop as a reserve and then pouring cold waters on his aspirations is something Rayudu didn’t deserve. If he was never in the plans, then one should not have kept him as a stand-by. The decision by Rayudu was an emotional one. He was let down by the side and the selectors. Also, just one poor series saw his progression get hampered. This is absolute joke. It’s a sorry picture and one feels the Indian team management and selectors are in a confused zone.

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