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Royal Challengers Bangalore are arguably the biggest franchise in world cricket – Stoinis

Staff Writer Updated: 6 April, 2019, 1:57 PM IST


Marcus Stoinis stated that his new IPL franchise, Royal Challengers Bangalore are the biggest franchise in world cricket. The Aussie all-rounder was conversing with one of the commentators during the mid-innings break last night.

However, his words came crashing as RCB crashed to their fifth straight defeat in IPL 2019. They are the only team to have not won one game in the ongoing season of the cash rich league.

"What a place. Great fans. Arguably the biggest franchise in World Cricket. Exciting to be here. We have two best batsmen of this generation in our team. Tonight has been so good so far. It looks like a good wicket. I wasn't there for a long time as I came in the slog overs. Hopefully, we have posted enough," he said.

Virat Kohli, who scored a sublime fifty, lambasted his players for their ordinary display.

"There is no guessing there (about where they lost), the last 4 four overs that we bowled was just unacceptable. We needed to be cleverer, nothing came off and we just cracked under pressure. That's been our story this season so far. If you bowl with not enough bravery in the crucial overs, it's always going to be difficult against power-hitters like Russell."

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News Cricket

Shah Rukh Khan is a top owner to have and is genuinely a large-hearted person – Karthik

Staff Writer Updated: 6 April, 2019, 3:20 PM IST


Kolkata Knight Riders have started the Indian Premier League 2019 with a bang. They have won three of their first four matches. The Dinesh Karthik-led franchise is co-owned by one of the finest actors in India, Shah Rukh Khan. Dinesh Karthik, who has interacted with SRK a lot, has stated that he is a top owner. The skipper further added that Shah Rukh Khan is a sports lover, who advocates healthy rivalry.

Shah Rukh Khan has always motivated players and has gone out of the way to help franchise members. His ownership has been lucky for KKR as they have won two IPL titles.

He also owns Trinbago Knight Riders and Cape Town Knight Riders in Caribbean Premier League and South Africa’s T20 Global League respectively.

“Firstly, he is a terrific person. In the little time, I have spent with him, he is a top owner to have and is genuinely a large-hearted person who wishes well for his team and other teams as well. He likes to see a good cricket match. He is someone who is sport loving. He is not all about KKR, and 'we need to win'. He likes to see a good game,” he said

“As much as he loves KKR and wants us to do really well, he is someone who understands losses and is able to react to them in a positive way. I am lucky to have an owner like him, to put him in a nutshell,” he added.