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Rishabh Pant needs to be more athletic in the outfield - R Sridhar

Staff Writer Updated: 3 July, 2019, 1:55 PM IST


Rishabh Pant had to bear the brunt of Virat Kohli's anger because of his poor fielding against Bangladesh. His throwing technique was also not upto the mark and India's fielding coach R Sridhar wants Pant to be more athletic in the outfield.

He admitted that Pant is still a work in progress.

"A lot of work has to go into him (Pant). First of all, he needs to improve his technique in throwing and also needs to be a little more athletic to be an outfielder," he said.

Virat Kohli and MS Dhoni are taking deep interest in Pant’s fielding abilities.

"We have to use him inappropriate (fielding) positions, that is what Virat and MS are keen on. Keep him at the right places at the right time. In the last game (vs England), he saved at least five runs which is a huge bonus. He took a catch as well," he added.

According to R Sridhar, Dinesh Karthik is a better fielder than Rishabh Pant.

"Obviously, Dinesh despite being a wicketkeeper is a good outfielder. He pulls off some good saves at backward point. Rishabh is developing and he needs to do this a bit more to develop the awareness, to get a hang of it. That's why we harp about getting fielders in same positions so that they get an idea."

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