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Langer says team need to take emotion out of the game against SA

Harshit Anand Updated: 5 July, 2019, 12:54 PM IST


There will be a lot going through the mind of David Warner and Steven Smith when they face the Proteas in the 2019 World Cup on Sunday. Last year, they were caught in the ball-tampering scandal and after that, they faced a one-year ban. And now, they will again take the same opponents in arguably the biggest cricketing event in what is going to be an important game as losing against South Africa will open up India's chances of finishing at the top of the table.

Justin Langer is quite confident that the senior duo of Warner and Smith will be able to deal with whatever comes their way.

“They got a good taste of what they were going to expect from the moment we turned up in England,” Langer told reporters at Old Trafford.

“This game is significant for a lot of our players, but we’ve just got to take all the emotion out of it. We’re here to take the two points, keep the winning momentum going forward and for those guys this is just another exciting game of World Cup cricket,” said Langer.

“They’re cherishing playing cricket for Australia again, they’re both playing really well,” he said.

“To get to this point has taken a lot of hard work from where we came from in Cape Town,” said Langer, appointed after Darren Lehmann resigned in the aftermath.

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