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Disappointed Virat Kohli and Co. didn't stand up for Pakistan in WC: Mickey Arthur

Harshit Anand Updated: 3 July, 2019, 5:40 PM IST


Pakistan head coach Mickey Arthur is not happy with India's poor performance against world's no.2 ODI side England. England had defeated India by 31 runs at Edgbaston on Sunday. Had India won that game, it would have boosted Pakistan's chances of qualifying for the semi-finals of the World Cup. Now, they will depend on how England fares against New Zealand apart from their own game against Bangladesh.

Mickey Arthur said that, "How they (India) played, again that's the issue which we can't control. Obviously, I was following the game intently and was disappointed that India did not get up because that would have opened the door for us.

"Now all we want is to get to Friday with a real opportunity and our destiny in our own hands," Arthur said. "I just hope New Zealand get it done for us," he added.

Australia and India are the only teams so far which have qualified for the World Cup semi-finals. Teams like England, New Zealand and Pakistan are still in contention to qualify for the final four of the ICC's marquee event.

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