Cricket is the third most boring sport in this country

Calling it a land of football won’t be wrong as England is home to English Premier League , the most watched football competition across globe. In a survey conducted by one of the independent agencies, Golf, National Football League and Cricket have been ranked as the top three most boring sports in England.

Seventy percent people in UK finds Golf boring while NFL stands at second position with 59% of voting, closely followed by Cricket, a sport attracting 58% of votes. The outcome is controversial if we take sports fanatics of this European Country and their love for sports into account. Golf is played by a large population, NFL has witnessed large turn around at Wembley and Cricket is considered as a national treasure so it is possible that findings are obscured and out of order.

The Golf Federation in UK has hit back, calling this survey an exercise of failed PR and an attempt to gain cheap publicity.

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