BCCI Explains The Reason Behind Anushka Sharma’s Picture With Team India

A major controversy erupted after the BCCI posted a photo on social media showing Anushka Sharma accompanying Team India at the Indian High Commission in London.

The cricket board was lambasted with social media users questioning how she was posing with Virat Kohli in the first row while Ajinkya Rahane, the vice-captain, was standing in the last row. Also, no other WAGs were present, another factor that added fuel to the fire.

According to board sources no official protocol was broken since the High Commission had invited the players with their families.

“This is the norm wherever the team travels. The High Commission invites the players with their relatives and it is eventually the decision of the individuals. Even in London, the players were invited along with their partners. There has been no breach of any protocol,” the source was quoted as saying.

A source also clarified that Anushka was invited by the High Commissioner and his wife for the dinner. He also said that Rahane wasn’t asked to stand in the back row and he might have stood there of his own.

“Anushka Sharma came to the reception for the Indian cricket team at the invitation of the High commissioner and his wife. The reception was hosted by the High Commissioner and his wife and not the High Commission. The group photo was taken as the team were entering the house. Ajinkya Rahane may have stood at the back on his own He wasn’t asked to stand there. The reception was at the high commissioner’s residence and not at the high commission,” he said.

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