Ajinkya Rahane reveals why Virat Kohli is so successful in international cricket

Middle order batsman, Ajinkya Rahane, has backed Virat Kohli and his aggressive brand of cricket. He believes that aggression gets the best out of Virat, and India as a team, has no problem with their skipper.

“Firstly I think what I feel about Virat is aggression actually gets best out of him. We don’t want to change anything about his aggression and approach while batting or while we are fielding,” he said.

Rahane also added that there was hardly any sledging during the Test series between India and South Africa.

“When we were playing in South Africa, I think they were really quiet. There was no sledging going on. They came hard at us with their bowling plans but there were no words exchanged between any of us,” he added.

Virat Kohli’s deputy in the longest format was mostly overlooked in South Africa despite his exceptional track record outside the sub-continent.

He got less playing time, meaning he had to warm the bench for most part of the tour. Although, it could have dented his confidence but Rahane likes to look forward rather than dwelling on his past. The right hand middle order batsman will play for Rajasthan Royals in the upcoming edition of the Indian Premier League after a gap of two years.

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