7 Cricketers Who Are So Hot They’re Literally Melting The Hearts of Female Fans

Cricket as a sport since time has just not been batting, bowling and fielding. Over time cricketers' looks, glamour quotient, marketability and fitness too have played a major role. In a country like India, cricket is more than just a game.

Since Sachin Tendulkar's time, the game became more like devotees worshipping a lord. It has continued in that form. India have had many good looking cricketers over time. From the likes of Rahul Dravid to Virat Kohli and KL Rahul, they have always created the oomph factor for girls. Not just Indians, even several foreign internationals over time have won hearts of women.

One can recall Pakistani duo Wasim Akram and Imran Khan not only dominating the game with their skills, but also their look factor. Former Kiwi cricketer Daniel Vettori was once voted as the sexiest cricketer alive.

In the current scenario let's look at 7 cricketers who are so hot that they’re literally melting the hearts of female fans

Shahid Afridi

This Pakistani cricketer may be not playing international cricket anymore, but he is ruling global T20 leagues. “Boom Boom” Afridi could be the hottest ever cricketer Pakistan has seen. The flamboyant all-rounder still rules hearts of fans not only in Pakistan, but in many parts of the world. Over time 'Lala' has endorsed many brands and has starred in television advertisements. He has been Pakistan's main player that has appealed to the masses, especially women.

Alastair Cook

What can be said about the former England skipper, who is a mainstay of their Test squad. Cook is a very calm character on the pitch and one of England's best-looking players too. The southpaw is definitely the most handsome cricketer in current English side. Cook's physique and height is one of the main things that have created a place in women's hearts, besides having a face that have women rooted to the television all day long when England plays.

Virat Kohli

The man won Bollywood actress Anushka Sharma's heart and went on to marry her earlier this year. That in turn broke many women's hearts across the country. Anywhere you go and ask girls on who their favorite cricketer is and who is the hottest, the answer is Virat. Women fans have always been crazy about the Indian skipper, who is ruling the endorsement deals all around. Virat's fitness is something every woman is attracted to as well.

KL Rahul

The Karnataka batsman has slowly gone on to take a place in the heart of the ladies. A lot of it was seen in the placards, the fans brought to the stadium in the Indian Premier League 2018. Rahul's physical attributes have got female fans hooked to him and his style and confident body language on and off the field have been a factor that has got the ladies be on their toes. Moreover he is young and unmarried.

Ahmed Shehzad

The Pakistani cricketer has been often considered to be close to Kohli when it has come to looks and appearance. He might not have the qualities of a batsman as Kohli, but he is definitely dashing. Many women fans in Pakistan rate Shehzad as one of the top players when it comes to physical prowess.

James Anderson

The English senior pacer is not only on top in the game, but also when it comes to get temperatures of women high. He is also one of the most attractive cricketers around European nations and is known to be a popular figure among girls. At one time Kevin Pietersen was considered as England's most handsome cricketer of all time and now Anderson definitely has the tag amongst cricketers still in the game.

Mitchell Starc

The Aussie left-arm pacer has the height and the looks as well to make any woman fall for him. As much as he is strong on the field, Starc's looks have been a talking factor amongst women. Even in India many women are crazy about the cricketer and follow his game. In the current Australian side Starc definitely leads the list on being the most handsome cricketer.

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