5 Things You Can Do With One Month’s Salary of Virat Kohli

Being an Indian cricketer today comes with a lot of monetary benefits apart from the unflinching devotion of fans. The current Indian captain Virat Kohli, for example, is estimated to earn somewhere near 13.5 crores per month. And at the rate with which his popularity is increasing every day, his earnings will also increase as he will get more brand endorsements his way.

That kind of money is huge for an average Indian middle-class man. Imagine if you had Kohli’s monthly salary in your hand. Wouldn’t that be amazing? How would you spend it? Here is a list of five things you can do with one month’s salary of Virat Kohli.

Travel to your favorite destination in the world

Well, you can easily travel to your favorite overseas spot and have some money to spare even after that. Places like Italy, Germany, Netherlands, London, France, New York, Spain, and Switzerland, among several others are literally on every Indian’s wish list but most of us cannot afford to visit them. Having that kind of money would allow you to have your dream vacation with your family, have the best of food, stay in the best of hotels and not have to worry about being cautious while spending.

Buy your dream car or motorbike

Haven’t you always envied those adverts on television showing a swanky car or motorbike that you so desperately want? An SUV, a Mercedes or a Royal Enfield is the dream vehicle for so many of us. But for most of us, they are beyond our reach as they are way too expensive. But with close to 13.5 crores in our pockets we can easily pick and choose our dream car or motorbike and flaunt it everywhere.

Go on the ultimate shopping spree

How many times have we held ourselves back while shopping? The pair of expensive boots or the Ray Ban sunglasses or the branded perfumes that were out of our budget. But with 13.5 crores in hand you can go on an ultimate shopping spree and have lots to spare. Imagine visiting your favourite city and entering your favourite shopping mall with your loved ones and go absolutely berserk with shopping. Yes, you can finally have a no-holds barred shopping spree, without any guilt and make sure you can also please your friends and family with all the gifts you buy for them in this shopping spree.

Quit your job

Well, yes! For Virat Kohli this is a daily responsibility of repressing the country that he can’t just quit. But we definitely can! How many of us have imagined just doing away with our mundane, dead-end job that refuses to pay us how much we deserve? Won’t that be bliss? With 13.5 crores in hand, most middle-class Indians can easily quit their job and have a comfortable life without literally doing anything. That money can be invested in good scheme and you can just enjoy the interest coming to you every month for the rest of our life. The needs of a middle-class Indian aren’t too significant. And a 13.5 crores investment will mean a life of luxury and being free from the hassles of a boring day-to-day job for most of us.

Donate to some charity

For an average Indian middle-class person, 13.5 crores is a lot of money. So much so that one can easily spend on a lot of lavish things and still have a lot to spare. Donating to a charity is a responsibility of every citizen. In a country such as India where there are countless of deprived children and elderly suffering from various diseases, a little monetary help can go a long way. And from that 13.5 crores rupees, we can easily spend a little to those citizens of our country who desperately need our help.

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