5 reasons why Hardik will be an asset in South Africa

Team India will begin their South African tour from 5th January. Many experts believe this is the real test of Virat Kohli’s team who has taken their unbeaten streak in Tests to nine series.

Although team is loaded with high priced talent, Hardik Pandya is an extra-ordinary player. Many former players like Sachin Tendulkar and Lance Klusener thinks he will be a key player for India in South Africa. We look at the five points on why Hardik Pandya is such a valuable player.

Fast and Fearless Batting

Hardik Pandya is known for his fast batting. He has the ability to pace up his innings according to the situation of the game. He executes his batting brilliantly and can also put the pressure on the opposition by his hard hitting. His innings against Pakistan in the final of Champions Trophy is a clear proof of this.

Good fast bowler

Apart from being a good batsman, Pandya is also a very good bowler and has shown constant improvement in the last year. Currently he is one of the key bowlers for India in limited overs format who can provide crucial breakthroughs during the match. If trusted, he can be lethal in Test matches too, considering pace at which he bowls.

Good Fielder

Hardik Pandya is one of the few players of the team who has shown constant improvement in all parameters of his game. He is very good fielder and possess a very strong arm and being athletic he always is very active on the field.

Takes the responsibility

Hardik Pandya in last one year has shown great improvement. Not just in his playing style, but also towards his overall approach to the game. His consciousness to the game is incredible and he always try to adapt to the situation. Like an ardent student of the game, he is opening to new things and there is hardly any time when he seen relaxing on his laurels. Test cricket is the toughest format of the game, requiring concentration for a period of five days and this is where Hardik Pandya is not only good but is someone, who brings is A game on the field, helping his team in their surge towards victory.

Controlled Aggression

He always keeps his aggression under check. Pandya keeps his aggression alive, as it is one of the key ingredients of the game. He doesn’t flaunt it or overdoes it, but he also makes sure the opposition gets the message that he will not back down, whatever the situation may be.

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