3 things you shouldn't care about if you want to become like Hardik Pandya

The Indian all-rounder is the new toast of the town, beaming with confidence and success like never before. Hailing from a middle class family, which turned poor at one stage of life, he has to go through a lot, something which can work in two ways. Either it can destroy you with no chance of recovery or else it can built you to fight with challenges. Here are three things, which you shouldn’t care if you want to be like Hardik Pandya.

Other people’s judgment

When he was making a name for himself, there were many who called him outdated and not good for cricket. Labeling him a failure even before he started his journey had become a fashion for his critics. However, despite some ups and downs, he believed in himself, not settling down with ordinary scores. The hard work and his choice of not listening to others judgment is now paying rich dividends with him winning matches for India across formats.

Old troubles from the past

As stated above, his family has to go through financial problems but being a fighter, he never allowed his past to destroy his present and future. There was time when surviving on Maggie was a daily routine for him. Instead of wasting his time thinking about these shortcomings, he decided to give his best, making sure he reaches his final destination. Not even once he thought about past with his goal being to represent India in international arena.

Little Frustrations

Every day in office is not rosy while bad times doesn’t last too long. Frustrations are part and parcel of life, enough to penetrate anyone from inside. However, if we let them go, there is a chance of feeling better and fine. Hardik Pandya is doing it with perfection. When he gets out playing a rash shot or ends up bowling poorly, the next thing is to forget about them and concentrate on the job in hand.

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